Coco Calling: No.10 - A Parliament of Parrots?

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I always think that humans outdo even parrots when they gather together in their parliament buildings and squabble. Talk about a cacophony of noise! It can be complete chaos with shrieks, jeers, whistles and all kinds of noises that even a parrot wouldn’t dream of making. In the British House of Commons, there’s one poor chap that only knows one word, and he yells it out incessantly. “Order, order, order!” A bit of a one trick pony if you ask me. Surely someone, somewhere could teach him a few other words to say? Photograph: PA Meanwhile, the pompous, self-righteous squawks and self-adulation carry on, interspersed by aggressive attacks on the opposi

Coco Calling: No.9 - A Parrot’s Guide to the World Cup - Part 2

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot We’re now a week into the World Cup finals, and I have to say that they’re growing on me! All this noise, colour, passion and determination; the hope, the effort, the intent……….. I really didn’t think humans had it in them! It’s a shame that there aren’t teams of parrots representing countries like Costa Rica, Brazil and, (of course!), - Senegal. Mind you, parrot goalies could be a bit of a liability. They’d probably spend most of their time perched on the crossbars, preening their feathers or gnawing the posts. Never mind shot-stopping…….. And parrots could bring a new meaning to the term “professional foul.” Race past a defender, and you may well

Coco Calling: No.8 - A Parrot’s Guide to the World Cup - Part 1

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot The World Cup Finals are upon us! And I have to say that it’s all quite difficult for a parrot to comprehend…….. First of all, flocks of humans migrate in their tens of thousands from all around the world, full of optimism and bravado, - convinced that their own teams are about to win The World Cup. They all descend upon the host country, (literally falling out of the sky in their droves), where they receive a warm welcome from locals, (who have just quadrupled the price of their beer and accommodation). The fans defiantly stay cheerful by singing special songs and wearing their brightest outfits despite the fact that with every passing minute, money

Coco Calling: No.7 - Too hot to handle?

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot People are often surprised to hear that my favourite food is chillies. Or, to be precise, the seeds from inside chillies. Unlike mammals, most birds are immune to the heat and effects of chilli seeds. This means I can have great fun! If visitors come to our house, I will deliberately try to kiss them on the lips knowing full-well that there is still some chilli residue on my beak. I then count to ten, waiting for their reaction. It never fails! The hotter the chilli, the better the outcome! Photography: Claudio Sepúlveda Geoffroy And if you ever have a problem with squirrels or other animals eating your wild bird food, all you have to do is mix it wi

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