Coco Calling: No.14 - Christianity, Humour and Fun

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot All parrots need to have a bit of “play time.” We like to have things that we can gnaw or preen, things that we can swing on, and things that make a noise. And a small industry has sprung up to supply playthings for parrots. My owner gets a 92 page catalogue through the post which features every kind of “parrotphernalia.” Bells, rattles, balls, roller-skates and parrot gymnasiums all feature. And there are many wonderfully named toys such as “The Holey Roley”, “The Parrot Boing,” “The Happy Snuggle Tent,” “The Busy Beak Teaser”, “The Chewtastic”, not to mention the “Parrot Loo Rolls” for shredding. Photography: Blue Maize I never quite understand why

Coco Calling: No.13 - A Parrot’s Guide To Brexit

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot A terrible new swear word has crept into the English Language. A new “B” word. It must be a swear word because every time I hear it mentioned on the television or radio, humans become very angry and start to argue. And the word, is of course, “Brexit.” Photography: Rebel Circus Sidle up to someone, and dare to say the word “Brexit” to their face, and quite often, the ground around them starts to shake. It doesn’t matter if you say “Hard Brexit,” “Soft Brexit” or a “Somewhere in between Brexit,” –the response is always the same. It’s like some strange sorcery is taking over British humanity. Not surprisingly, it’s all causing a massive headache for th

Coco Calling: No.12 - Watching Tennis with Einstein

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot One of my best parrot friends is an African Grey called Einstein. As his name suggests, Einstein has an above average parrot IQ. He will sit on his perch for hours on end, deep in thought, until he arrives at his “Eureka moment,” which he announces to the world with a loud squawk. Over the years, Einstein has come up with many brilliant gems of wisdom and knowledge. Photograph: HDWPro So there we were yesterday, watching the Wimbledon tennis on television. It was a close, tense match. The umpire had just called out “40:30” (match point!) when Einstein gave out one of his penetrating squawks, and suddenly announced: “Discovering the nature and science

Coco Calling: No.11 - Anyone for Tennis?

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Sitting on my perch here, I feel totally spoilt for choice. What shall I watch on TV? More World Cup Football, or the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships? Decisions. Decisions! Well, I do find tennis entertaining. I like watching the umpires pretending to be parrots by climbing up onto the highest perch available. And when the action starts, I watch the heads of all the humans in the crowd turning left, then right. Left then right. All because they’ve finished up with their eyes on the front of their faces. Parrots can just keep looking straight ahead all the time because our eyes are set on the side of our heads. So it’s much less arduous if you’re

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