Coco Calling: No. 28 - So How Much Am I Really Worth?

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I was thinking about my possessions the other day. I don’t really own very much. Dotted around my cage are a couple of bells, a bit of wood for me to gnaw on, four perches, the remnants of a toy that I destroyed several weeks ago, water and food pots, several shed feathers plus the remnants of a succulent chilli. And that’s it. In worldly terms, I don’t really amount to very much. But there again, neither did Jesus. He owned nothing more than the clothes upon His back and the sandals on His feet. But of course, Jesus never came to Earth to amass wealth and possessions. He was here on a mission. And He didn’t want anything to be a distraction to Him.

Coco Calling: No. 27 - Parrots of the Caribbean!

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot This all sounds like some new movie release, doesn’t it? Perhaps the title of a new action-packed film full of swash-buckling Macaws and daring Amazons…… Actually, I’m thinking rather more about the relationship that parrots used to enjoy with the old Caribbean pirates. Parrots have become every bit as synonymous with pirates as eye patches, hooks and false legs. Just think of Long John Silver and his parrot “Captain Flint” in the book “Treasure Island.” And our association with pirates doesn’t necessarily make us bad. You see, pirates had very few genuine friends, even amongst the crew of their own ships. They existed in a cut-throat world of “dog e

Coco Calling: No. 26 - Einstein’s problem with image

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot The other day, my best friend Einstein (the African Grey) invited me over to his place for afternoon nuts. For those of you that haven’t read about Einstein before, let me tell you that he’s something of a parrot genius, coming up with theories ranging from biodynamics to rocket science. Photography: Mrsdrswan, YouTube On this occasion, Einstein seemed a bit flat. He told me that he didn’t feel very attractive or trendy. “After all, my plumage is predominantly grey,” he said. “I don’t have all of the exciting colours of Macaws and Amazons. I’m just seen as a bit of a novel geek. And to cap it all, my name translated from the German simply means “One

Coco Calling: No. 25 - The Art Of Listening

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot One of the special things about parrots is our ability to mimic sounds and human speech. We are very good listeners, and then we like to copy what we hear. When he was growing up, my friend Einstein (the African Grey) liked to imitate the sirens of all the police cars and fire engines that would race past the pet shop where he lived. (That’s probably why no one bought him for ages!) Photography: The Pet Shop Ripon Meanwhile, I’ve always specialized in the sounds I hear around the house. I can do a brilliant two-tone telephone ring, and cause the humans in the house to come rushing to the phone. Or I can do a very good dog whistle, and make our two L

Coco Calling: No. 24 - Bath time!

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot One of the highlights of my week is when I take a bath. I have my own unique “bath request” call which I make to my owner. I’ve trained him well, so he knows to get a particular water jug out of the cupboard, fill it up at the kitchen tap, and then place it on the draining board. I then spend a wonderful half hour dipping and dunking my head in and out of the jug, and spraying water over as much of myself and the rest of the kitchen as I can possibly manage. We have a great system going, provided that my owner remembers to quickly empty the jug when I’ve finished, and put it in the dishwasher. There was one occasion when he was a bit slow doing this

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