Coco Calling: No. 32 - A Parrot’s G

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I don’t know how you find it, but for a parrot, Wintertime can be a bit of a struggle. Long cold nights. Short dark days. And on occasions, white stuff called snow which no one’s ever seen back in Senegal. So to help keep the Winter blues at bay, I’ve come up with A Parrot’s Guide To Surviving The Winter. Here it goes: 1. Make sure you fluff up on your perch to keep warm. 2. Stuff yourself in the Autumn to make sure you’ve got plenty of reserves for the Winter. 3. Eat loads of hot chillies, then blow out to warm up the room. 4. Be an extrovert when it’s horrible outside. (I like to loop-the-loop on my perch and wolf whistle to the entire neighbourho

Coco Calling: No. 31 - Difference and Diversity

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot You know, God certainly went to town when He came up with the idea of parrots! We’re a really diverse bunch, with some 393 species of us located around the world. And rather like people, we come in all shapes and sizes. We can be small, medium, large or even extra large! We can be both skinny and a bit podgy. The Buff-faced Pygmy Parrot found in New Guinea weighs just 12 grams, while the huge, flightless Kakapo of New Zealand can weigh as much as 4 kg. And just like humans, we have our own appearance, character and curious quirks. I’m sure that you all know how good Amazons and African Greys are at talking human language. But did you know that there

Coco Calling: No. 30 - The Parrot And The Egg

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I wonder how, when I started out in life, I found myself inside an egg? I mean, how did I get there? Who stuck me inside? How did I breathe? And how on earth did I fit? Just think about my broad shoulders, large beak and extra-long toes. There’s no way that I could fit inside an egg measuring just three centimeters long by two and half wide. And yet, I somehow managed it. Well, I was mulling this over earlier today when my owner switched his radio on. And I suddenly heard a woman involved in a heated debate about why her seven year old son was being taught some of the Bible stories at school. “After all,” she said, “these days, everyone knows that t

Coco Calling: No. 29 - Lighting Up The World!

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot With my family originating in deepest Senegal, where the days stay long and the sun shines throughout much of the year, I’m not really that well adapted to the cold, dark winters of the UK. And I don’t think my owner is, either. Once we get to the end of October, he gets all of his Christmas stuff out, and defies the growing darkness by setting up a lavish display of lights on the front lawn. He has light-up deer and moose; polar bears and dolphins; toadstools and sparrows; plus a St. Bernard Dog, two sea lions an owl and a load of penguins. And of course, there’s a Father Christmas with a sleigh, and a light-up igloo in the mix as well. Yes, it’s an

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