Coco Calling: No. 36 - Coco’s Post-Christmas Message

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Well, I hope you had a good Christmas. I had a wonderful time! Swinging upside down on the coloured fairy lights. Stealing all of the red berries from the bunches of holly hanging up around the house. Chewing up fragments of ribbon and wrapping paper. And of course, being totally spoilt by all of the humans in the house. And now that the main part of the festivity is over, I suppose that some humans will be feeling a bit flat. Maybe Christmas failed to deliver. After the big build-up, perhaps it proved to be something of an anti-climax. Maybe there were family quarrels, or you didn’t get the presents that you were hoping for, or perhaps there was too

Coco Calling: No. 35 - Christmas By Numbers

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Parrots can be great talkers. But today, I don’t need many words for my Christmas message. In fact, just a few words and some numbers. Yesterday One baby. One stable. One star. One little town called Bethlehem. Three wise men travelling. Perhaps 20 shepherds gasping in amazement. Maybe two dozen angels rejoicing in the sky. Possibly 100 of Herod’s soldiers searching for the baby. Today 33,000 Christian denominations around the world. Approximately 37 million Christian church buildings standing proud. 3 billion people proclaiming themselves to be “Christian.” More than 5 billion copies of the Bible now printed and distributed. Tomorrow Infinity in

Coco Calling: No. 34 - Gifts for Christmas

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Christmas shopping for parrots is a lot easier than it is for humans. We might pick a succulent morsel out of our food pots and offer it to a loved one, or we might offer to preen somebody’s tail for them. But that’s as far as it goes. We don’t need to worry about spending money or wrapping up. In the human world, Christmas shopping is now in full swing. And it can be very difficult for humans to know what to buy everyone. Those Three Wise Men have a lot to answer for in starting the whole tradition of Christmas gifts. If they hadn’t rolled into Bethlehem with their gold, myrrh and frankincense, then humans might not have come up with the idea of Chr

Coco Calling: No. 33 - Birds of a feather…….?

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot There’s an old saying amongst parrots that “birds of a feather flock together.” In other words, there’s safety in numbers and with the same kind. But you know, that isn’t always true. Certainly not in my case…….. I’ve lived with my owner and his family for over 18 years now, and we’ve built up an extraordinary trust. I’m like an “honorary” human, and they are like “honorary” parrots. They all know that I won’t harm them, and I know that I’m loved and therefore completely safe. So despite being from different species, we have a unique relationship. There’s no fear, no distrust and no insecurity between us. To such an extent that I regularly offer my o

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