Coco Calling: No. 48 - The Question of Gifts

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Do you think I could be described as “a gifted parrot”? After all, it’s not every parrot that has his own internet blog. Or who can discern so much about Life, the world and our relationship with God while sitting on an old, wizened perch. So does that make me gifted? “Oh dear” I hear you say. “Fame is starting to go to that bird’s head!” But it’s not really like that. Because I believe we are all gifted. God has created every one of us as a unique individual, all with our own set of special gifts, qualities and abilities. And half the battle is discovering who we really are, what we are good at, and then fulfilling that newly discovered potential. Q

Coco Calling: No. 47 - Beak Beautiful

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot One of the special things about parrots is their beaks. What a fantastic invention! Unlike humans, I never have to visit the dentist. I never suffer from a blocked nose. And I’ve absolutely no need for a set of nutcrackers. In fact, Hyacinth Macaws can even use their beaks to crack open a walnut. And yet, their beaks are sufficiently delicate to pick off the seeds from the outside of a strawberry. (A parrot treat!) My own smaller sized beak operates rather like a mini mechanical grab. Ideally hinged to achieve maximum power. So I can slice through soft wood, yet I can also preen my most miniscule of feathers. And it’s a fairly well-known fact that Ja

Coco Calling: No. 46 - The Magpie and the Wren

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I love sitting by the window and watching all of the activity around the bird feeders in the garden. The action is a bit like a microcosm of life. At the top end of the “pecking order” come the Magpies. They are smart and powerful, walking with a distinctive swagger. They exude self-importance, and are usually linked to any trouble or bullying taking place outside. They’re a bit like some self-made mega bosses, enjoying all the trimmings of life, often at the expense of others. There are lots and lots of other birds which visit the feeders, but always paying the Magpies due homage. And then, at the very bottom of the pile, we have the tiny wrens. The

Coco Calling: No. 45 - The Most Important Words that a Parrot Can Ever Learn to Say

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Everyone knows that a great many parrots can talk “human language.” We are mimics. We repeat the words that we hear most often. Parrots belonging to Caribbean pirates are reputed to have squawked: “Pieces of Eight!” and “Shiver Me Timbers!” (plus a few other things that aren’t repeatable here). And rather like children, parrots can absorb and reflect the atmosphere of the homes in which they live. So it’s always a great shame when parrots learn to say swear words, or mimic aggressive shouting or arguments. You know, in a perfect world, the six most important words we’d learn to say would be: “I am sorry; I was wrong.” Or the five words: “Well done! Y

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