Coco Calling: No. 52 - The Living Miracle Of Spring

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Well, Spring has sprung, and it’s a joy to be a parrot! The flowers are all unfurling outside. The birds are singing and beginning to nest. And the air is filled with both the smell and sound of humans mowing their lawns. This is my favourite time of year. All Nature feels good! There is a richness and a lushness everywhere. A sense of optimism, hope and expectation. Heaven has often been likened to the glory of Spring and Summer, particularly when they follow on after a long, cold Winter. And why not? Because all around us, a living miracle is taking place. Everything that seemed dead and dormant for so long has suddenly leapt into life. Seeds. Shoo

Coco Calling: No. 51 - The Paradox of Eastertime

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I’ve been sitting here on my perch this morning practising “Advanced Cerebral Parrot Yoga.” Because the more I sit and think about God, our world, and my overall place in it, the more I seem to tie my brain up in knots. The more I discover about Christianity, the more my parrot logic gets turned on its head. Just think about the Christian life. Jesus tells us that we need to give if we are to receive. We have to accept that we are blind in order to see. To find true wisdom, we have to reduce ourselves to the level of little children. Quite often, we have to suffer in order to gain. And then, for our grand finale, we all need to die in order to truly

Coco Calling: No. 50 - The Evil Seed Enveloped by Love

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot My human owner and I think the world of one another. We are the best of chums. For over 18 years now, we’ve built up a friendship based on real trust, understanding and love. Which made it all the more surprising when one morning, last year, he put his finger into my cage to give me my usual “Good Morning” tickle, and I nipped it. In fact, I nipped it so hard that I drew blood. In that split second, I betrayed our 18 years of friendship. So why did I do it? Maybe I got off my perch the wrong side that morning. But I not only shocked my owner; I shocked myself. Where did that come from? And then an uncomfortable realization dawned upon me. For we all

Coco Calling: No. 49 - The Joy of Life

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I spent a long time yesterday, asleep, with my head under my wing, in the hope that when I woke up, Brexit would all be over. No such luck! So today, I’ve decided to carry on regardless, doing “all things parrot,” and having lots of fun. I’m simply going to ignore Brexit, and anything else that causes me angst and worry. After all, Springtime is upon us, and God’s smile is starting to radiate throughout the natural world around. And this is the time of year when I like to search out potential nest sites around the house. And I particularly love cupboards, especially when one of the humans has been careless enough to leave the door ajar. And my favour

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