Coco Calling: No. 57 - Imperfect Perfection

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I have a flaw in my character which I share with nearly all other parrots.Because I am totally vain. I spend every spare minute preening my feathers to perfection. Because like most other parrots, I want to be the finest specimen in the entire universe. So every feather has to be in place and displayed to maximum effect. It’s all about achieving an instant visual impact. And many of us forget that appearance is only skin-deep. We’re not always as perfect on the inside as we would have others believe. And this flaw is also present in many humans. So many of them use social media to give the impression that they are beautiful people “living the dream,”

Coco Calling: No. 56 - The Wind in my Feathers

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot When the weather’s nice, (and when the local Sparrowhawk isn’t doing its rounds), I sometimes go out into the garden for a treat. I love to feel the breeze ruffling up my feathers, and I like to imagine that I’m feeling the Holy Spirit flowing through me. And I’m mindful of what that wonderful human, Corrie Ten Boon, once wrote. She said: “Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible.” Of course, you can’t see, or hear or touch the Holy Spirit. But if you can open up your heart and let it flow through you, then you will know when you’ve been touched inside. Maybe after days of prayer, you’ll wake up one morning wit

Coco Calling: No. 55 - The Genius of Simplicity

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I’ve often been asked how a simple bird like me, can finish up having such a strong Christian faith. After all, I am only a parrot! What do we know? Humans are meant to be far more brainy than us! Just think of all of their wonderful scientists, and of all the things that humans have invented. All parrots do is talk, gnaw and crack open nuts…….. or so some humans think! The problem with humans is that they like to believe they can explain everything through their scientific theories. Their science is based upon four basic concepts: matter, energy, space and time. And armed with this splendid scientific base, they believe they can explain the origins

Coco Calling: No. 54 - The Water of Life

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I absolutely love having a good bath whenever the opportunity presents itself. Officially, I’m meant to use a special jug located on the kitchen sink. But when the humans that I live with sit down to have a meal, I simply can’t help myself. I use their water glasses instead! And because I like to spray the water absolutely everywhere, they end up getting as wet as I do. I suppose this makes me like a parrot version of an over-eager priest sprinkling their congregation with Holy Water. (Although my family of humans receive their “Holy Water” whether they want it or not, and it doesn’t always receive a very “Holy” response from them). Of course, water

Coco Calling: No. 53 - The Greedy Pheasant

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot During the Winter, a cock pheasant appeared in the garden, outside my window, pecking up the bird food that had fallen from the feeders. Soon, he started to bring his friends along. As the weeks passed, more and more pheasants joined him until there were five boys and twenty girls. There must have been every pheasant from the entire neighbourhood coming into the garden. And from the boys’ point-of-view, it was the perfect ratio; one boy to five girls. For a time, everything was harmonious. But then cometh the Spring, and the hormones started to kick in. One of the male pheasants, -the largest and most aggressive of them all, -started to chase the oth

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