Coco Calling: No.66 - Prayers or targets?

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot My owner always lines the bottom of my cage with sheets of newspaper. And I always hope that he uses the “Puzzles” section as there’s nothing I enjoy more than a spot of Sudoku, a Word Wheel or a quiz. But if I’m really unlucky, I can end up with the “Politics” pages. Yes, there are some good politicians out there, but there are also many self-centred ones, and there’s nothing worse than having their faces staring up at me while I’m sitting on my perch. And I must admit that there are times when I’m tempted to climb up to my highest perch and use them for “target practice.” But then I stop and remember that I’m meant to be a “Christian parrot” rather

Coco Calling: No.65 - Sunshine in your life

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot We’ve got some good, hot, sunny weather at the moment. And it makes me feel good! After all, it’s usually hot and sunny where my ancestors came from in deepest Senegal. And when I feel good, I show it to the world! I do lots of showy preening. My eyes have an extra sparkle. And I feel full of energy. In fact, when I feel this good about life, I can be very useful. This morning, I “strutted my stuff” along the top of a high, inaccessible cupboard that never gets properly dusted, and I was able to collect all of the cobwebs on my feathers. And I’ve noticed that I am often a lot happier than many of the humans that I meet. Yes, they can smile and crack

Coco Calling: No. 64 - The Lottery of Life?

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot You know, Life can seem like one giant lottery for both humans and parrots alike. If “luck” is on your side, then you end up with a nice owner, or a nice home in some Amazonian tree that doesn’t get chopped down. You avoid illness and accidents. You are born or hatched out in a territory where food and water are abundant. You find a loving partner who stays with you all through your life. But if so-called “luck” is against you, then all kinds of unfortunate things can occur. Of course, we can all help to make our own “luck” by living out our lives sensibly and by avoiding unnecessary risk. But that isn’t the whole story. Why are some humans born into

Coco Calling: No. 63 - The Value of Being Valued…

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot If you’ve ever met a parrot personally, then you will know that we all like to be told how beautiful, how clever or how special we are. A spot of praise and encouragement is good for morale, and makes us feel both valued and appreciated. So if humans are so good at saying nice things to parrots, why don’t they say the same kind of things to one another? I mean, how many husbands and wives tell each other how loved and appreciated they are on a daily basis? Or how many human bosses only speak to their staff to tell them that they’ve done something wrong, rather than done something well? How many human journalists and politicians spend all their day “n

Coco Calling: No. 62 - The Wonder of Flight

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot As a very zippy flyer myself, I love watching those grainy old film clips of humans attempting to “fly” for the first time. Launching themselves off cliffs and hill tops with flimsy “wings” strapped to their arms, or sitting in lethal-looking contraptions made of balsa wood and string. They usually climb into the air for a few seconds before crashing to the ground in a pile of splinters and sawdust. I tell you, it’s the best comedy show that a parrot could ever hope to see! I nearly fall off my perch laughing! But of course, humans have persevered with flight, and now have flying machines which can take them all over the world on impromptu migrations

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