Coco Calling No. 71 - Licenced to live?

My owner often says how lucky he is to live in the U.K. because it’s such a free country. He says that there’s no dictator or extremist regime in charge. Humans are free to choose what kind of work they do and in which part of the country to live. And of course, they are free to go to church if they wish. I know where he’s coming from, but I guess parrots see things rather differently. Because so-called “human freedom” can be a bit of an illusion. Irrespective of where they live, or who they are, most humans are still tied down by their own systems and ideals. For example, by the self-imposed pressures of how they look, how much money they are earning, and how successful they appear to be to

Coco Calling No. 70 - Manna from Heaven

My human owner has to change my water pot every day, or else it ends up as “parrot soup.” I like to drop tasty morsels into it to soften them up, but then I go away and forget about them. I’ve only become this casual about my food because I’ve never had to worry about it. Thanks to my human owner, food simply appears in my food pot, rather like “manna from Heaven.” Unlike my feathered friends outside, I don’t have to search for it, (although I do go on illegal forays to the fruit bowl). I’m ashamed to admit that this situation has made me rather wasteful. It seems that the more we have of something, the more we can take it for granted. And that not only applies to food, but also to friendshi

Coco Calling No. 69 - On your bike then!

I recently looked out of the window and saw my group of humans sitting on a collection of round things joined by metal rods. Not only this, but they were using them as a form of self-propulsion. I was so taken aback, it caused my eyeballs to dilate, and I even did a spot of head-banging! I later discovered that this strange activity is known to humans as “riding a bicycle.” And I suppose that if you don’t have your own set of wings, then it’s the next best thing. And then I remembered that Professor Albert Einstein once said that: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Our Christian journeys are just like that. And there will be times when we grind to a

Coco Calling No. 68 - One big church…..

I’ve written before in a previous blog about how parrots come in all shapes and sizes, and just about every colour under the sun. We are truly a diverse bunch, but on the whole, we all seem to get along with one another. Only on occasions does the size of our beak sort out an argument. You could say that parrots all belong to one big, broad church. And that’s how it’s meant to be for humans. Humans, like the whole of creation, are an extraordinarily rich and diverse bunch, yet God intends everyone to come together under the banner of love and unity. And human churches are meant to reflect that. I often like to sit on my perch and to imagine what might be. Because dreams do come true. The fa

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