Coco Calling No. 80 - Living to work, or working to live?

In many ways, parrots have it made. Because unlike humans, we don’t have to go out to work. (In our world, we just help ourselves to whatever happens to be within reach of our beaks). So no bills or mortgages to worry about; we can be 100% parrot in the way we live out our lives. And this makes me feel very sorry for humans. I recently heard one asking why Friday had to be so close to Monday, yet Monday so far away from Friday. He clearly didn’t enjoy going off to work. Humans have made their world extremely complex. And sometimes, I find myself asking the question whether ‘humans work to live, or do they live to work?’ And I suppose that the answer to that question depends upon the type of

Coco Calling No. 79 - The Banishment of Gregory Peck.....

I recently read an article about bullying. Yes, it said that “bullying is the manifestation of a primitive need to become the leader of the pack. The modern day bully believes he is a human being, but he is really an animal.” I had to chuckle, because bullies are not always human beings; they can be animals in the first place! As my owner recently discovered. Earlier in the week, a new pheasant moved into town. Or, to be more precise, the front garden. He was an extra-large bird and a “loner.” He didn’t mix with any of his fellow-kind; the others all stayed away from him by the bird feeders in the back garden. And “Gregory Peck,” as he became known, certainly didn’t want to mix with my owner

Coco Calling No. 78 - Why the Changing Seasons Change

As we begin to creep into Winter, once again, Mother Nature changes things around. Gone are the Swallows of Summer, to be replaced by flocks of Starlings and Redwings from northern climes. And the trees that not so long along ago stood green and lush, now cling on to the last fragments of their Autumn foliage. And bright red berries now add colour to an otherwise fading landscape. Mother Nature, like Time itself, never stands still. The rhythm of life marches along on its inevitable course. And whether you’re a parrot like me, or a human being, you have no choice but to run with it. We go from season to season; from chick to fledgeling; from baby to child; from adult to aged, (or in my case,

Coco Calling No. 77 - Poking My Beak In Where I Shouldn’t!

The problem with being a parrot is that I am terribly curious and inquisitive. I have to check everything out, and know about everything around me. I often blame my beak for leading me astray, but I suppose it’s my brain that really tells it what to do. And a big beak can mean big trouble……. Just imagine if you had a beak like mine. Wouldn’t you want to see how quickly you could shred that bunch of flowers in the vase? Or prise the lid off the sugar pot, and then dunk your head inside to see what’s there? Yes, this may all be great fun, but rather more worryingly, a big beak can enable you to muscle your way into the middle of discussions or disputes or secrets being shared. Yes, a big beak

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