Coco Calling No. 88 - Evangelical parrots???

Being an evangelical parrot isn’t the easiest job in the world. You may think that it’s only other parrots that take me seriously. I’m a lot smaller than human beings, so why should they listen to a pint-sized scruff of feathers? And yet, strangely enough, a great many do. Over the last eighteen months, thousands of humans have clicked on to my blogs and read them. And quite a few have sent me encouraging emails afterwards. Writing a blog is an even greater balancing act than trying to preen the tip of my tail while perched upon one leg. Because no one likes to be told what to do. And I’d be very wrong if I ever became a “parrot dictator,” -fiercely preaching down from my lofty perch. The wh

Coco Calling No. 87 - The Tree of Life

I love going up to my owner’s bedroom, because I get a wonderful view of our village and the green, rolling hills all around. While I’m strutting my stuff up and down on his window sill, there’s one very large Beech Tree which always catches my eye. At this time of year, it looks like “an upside-down tree” because it doesn’t have any leaves. But come the Spring and the Summer, it’s seemingly dead branches explode into a glorious green canopy. I often wonder how many leaves there are on that tree. They must number at least 80,000 by the time we get to the month of May. For by then, these leaves will have erupted in an extraordinary act of green vibrancy. A collective statement of new life, n

Coco Calling No. 86 - New Year Resolutions

Here we all are in January, -the month more than any other when humans and parrots aspire to make changes in their lives. My New Year’s resolutions are to stop gnawing the kitchen cabinets in 2020, and to try to stop stealing bananas from the fruit bowl. And I guess that some of you will be aiming to take more exercise, go on a diet, drink less alcohol, give up smoking or sugar, and maybe to try to pray or read the Bible on a more regular basis. The start of a New Year marks a time of new beginnings and change. A time of new aspirations and intentions. And of course, the arrival of Jesus here upon earth on Christmas Day marked a huge new beginning for all humanity and creation. Because thro

Coco Calling No. 85 - Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to everyone out there! And I genuinely do mean “A Happy New Year.” Let’s hope it’s a year in which we can all find happiness, peace, and joy in our lives. The January Sales have now started. And that applies to parrots too! I’ve received glossy catalogues through the post offering absolutely everything that a parrot could ever dream of. (Well, almost). Parrot Christmas toy packs, now two thirds off; 20% off “Parrot Happy Snuggle Huts”; further reductions on parrot ladders, activity walls, preening plaits, foraging towers, parrot basketball sets, roller skates, and even “Parrot Café Lollipop Treats!” The glossy pictures make it all seem wonderful, and I’d love to order two of

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