Coco Calling No. 92 - Calming the Storm

When I have a few moments to fill, I like to indulge in a spot of “Parrot Lego.” I expect that you humans think that Lego sets are only for homo -sapiens, but as you can see from the picture, “Parrot Lego” helps me to occupy my brain. And today, I’ve made myself a little friend. And because she can’t talk back to me, we can’t have any screechy arguments! You could say it’s a marriage made in Heaven! I guess that most of us, -even when we’re brim full of love and affection, - we can still have our off-days. Especially when somebody says something to us that we don’t like. Or when we’re disappointed or shocked by someone’s behaviour. Or quite simply when we strongly disagree with someone else’

Coco Calling No. 91 - The Wisdom to Know What I Can and Cannot Do

As parrots go, I’m a bit of a thinker. An observer and a philosopher. But as I sit here on my perch, looking out at the world beyond, I often wish I could also be a reformer. A catalyst of change. So that I could somehow make right what I believe to be so wrong within the world around me. Because although there is also a lot of goodness and kindness around, I also see injustice, unfairness, cruelty and self-interest. There are days when I simply want to wave a magic wand and make it all right. So that we no longer have a world full of “haves” and “have nots;” a world obsessed with money instead of moral and spiritual values; a world that’s focussed on worldly status instead of our status bef

Coco Calling No. 90 - The Feeding of the Three

We’ve had some frosty mornings recently. And as soon as the daylight appears, dozens of birds flock into the garden outside my window to feast on the feeders and ground food that my owner’s put out. And it’s rather a shame that some of them have to let the side down. Because there’s plenty of food to go around, but some still have to squabble over it. They want it all for themselves. Which made it all the more pleasing when I heard about the following story which occurred in a nearby town. A couple of humans walked into a convenience store which sold a range of freshly-filled submarine rolls. They weren’t together, but it so happened that their lunchbreaks coincided. Sitting outside on the

Coco Calling No. 89 - Who is my neighbour?

Some of you may remember that I have a very good friend -(who likes all parrots) -called Penny Lawson. In fact, last year, I sent her a Valentine’s Card made of feathers. A few days ago, Penny told me a moving story which I’d like to share with you. She’d gone shopping to a nearby town, and was about to climb up some steps to go into a large store. Coming down the steps was an elderly man clasping three big bunches of flowers. The flowers looked stunning and included lots of red roses. As they passed, Penny said to the man: “Oh, somebody’s going to be very lucky!” But the man didn’t respond in the way she’d expected. Instead, his eyes welled up, and he replied that he was taking them to his

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