Coco Calling No. 105 - Wise Parrot, or “Floored” parrot?

Some time ago, in one of these blogs, I quoted the saying of a wise old Chinese parrot. He said: “A wise parrot never gnaws the perch on which it likes to sit.” And I’m very ashamed to admit that I don’t always practice what I preach. I literally came within a millimetre of crashing down to the floor of my cage. And although I’m a parrot, you could say this makes me “human.” Because if we truly believe that we always practice what we preach, then we are deceiving ourselves. That applies to Vicars and teachers; to judges and politicians, - to absolutely all of us. So often we mean well, we aim to say “the right thing,” but we don’t always abide by it. And it’s only when we come to terms with

Coco Calling No. 104 - What We Leave Behind…..

One effect of the Coronavirus is that it’s made lots of us more aware of our own mortality. Of the fragility of Life. None of us know for how long we’ll live. And that led me to an interesting thought. Because just imagine if we were all able to quietly gate crash our own funeral services. What would people say about us? What would we be remembered for? And for what would we want to be remembered? What would be our lasting legacy? A very famous legacy was left by the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, as he lay dying on a hospital bed, back in 2011. He spent many long nights, looking at the lights and hearing the hum of the life support machines connected to him. He had time to reflect on his

Coco Calling No. 103 - The Garden of God Inside Us All

My owner’s been a very busy fellow, sowing all kinds of seeds for the garden. Some small, some tiny, and some as fine as dust. And it never ceases to amaze me what can develop out of something so small and insignificant. Every seed, is literally, a little miracle, packed full of extraordinary potential. God likes to grow stuff as well. As Charles Wesley once said, God’s grace and love is like a seed pre-sown inside us all. A seed that each one of us carries with us throughout our living years. And in many of us, it’s a seed that will start to germinate, to grow and to flourish. We all have the potential to welcome God and love and the Holy Spirit into our beings. The seed’s already planted.

Coco Calling No. 102 - Ultimate Love

All living things have been entrusted to mankind for safe-keeping. (Genesis 2:15). Myself included. That’s quite a thought, isn’t it? I guess I’m really rather fortunate, because I’m regularly fed and exercised, and treated like one of the family. Above all, I know I’m very loved. And that’s more important than nearly all of the other things put together. Sadly, not all humans have loved creation, or one other. But maybe, just maybe, during this time of lockdown, they have started to appreciate everything that little bit more. As bird song replaces the sound of traffic, and wildlife becomes a bit more daring, venturing into gardens and places where it would previously have been unwise to. Am

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