Coco Calling No. 116 - If The Weight Of The World Seems Too Great

I wonder if you’re a bit like me when you wake up in the morning? I wake up as the first light of day delicately creeps in through the kitchen window. I cautiously open one eye and peer out from under my wing, wondering what the new day will deliver. And sometimes, I don’t really want to wake up and face the world at all. Because I went to sleep the previous night knowing that Covid 19 is continuing to ravage the world. That the humans in Beirut are still in great need after last week’s explosion. That lots of other humans are jobless or homeless. That millions of innocent humans are suffering in the Yemen, in shanty towns and refugee camps. And that some of my nearest and dearest are going

Coco Calling No. 115 - Small is Beautiful

I rather like today’s blog title because it could easily describe me! You don’t have to be a large Amazon or a dashing Macaw to have good looks and stunning colours. Pocket-sized parrots can be just as good! Sadly, today’s blog isn’t about me at all. No, the title’s borrowed from a famous collection of essays published in 1973 by the economist Ernst Friedrich Schumacher. At the time, it was quite a revolutionary book because most human economists believed that “big was best” and “the bigger, the better!” But “Small is beautiful” challenged that belief, and went on to become a massive best seller. And in so many ways, the title “Small is beautiful” applies to the Christian faith as well. Beca

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