Coco Calling No. 121 - The Balancing Act of Life

Much of my feathery life is a bit of a balancing act, -as it is for all parrots who like to sit on perches or hang off wobbly branches. And that term, “balancing act,” is very much in the news right now as politicians and leaders try to steer the best course through the Coronavirus pandemic. Between public health and freedom and the needs of the economy. In fact, nearly all of us have performed a kind of balancing act in our lives since we were chicks or children. But so often we didn’t realise it. Every day of our lives, we process our environment, and make decisions about what we think or how we behave. And it’s all of these decisions which determine the balance in our lives. For example,

Coco Calling No. 120 - Toilet Rolls and Human Nature

Covid 19 is making me count my blessings! It’s made me so grateful for being a bird. Because birds don’t seem to catch the virus. And more importantly, I don’t have to worry about getting hold of toilet paper! But humans have a lot to deal with right now. And it’s when times become hard that the moral and ethical issues of life fall more sharply into focus. The differences between “the haves” and “the have nots.” The rich and the poor. The healthy and the sick. The strong and the weak. The young and the elderly. When an international crisis comes along, who do you think of first? Yourself, or others? That’s a big question, isn’t it? Do you go around the supermarket, grabbing everything that

Coco Calling No. 119 - The Great Leveller

My owner recently purchased a large map of the world, and put it up on the kitchen wall. He then gave a dart to his wife and told her to throw it, saying: “When the Coronavirus is all over, I promise to take you to wherever your dart lands.” So she narrowed her eyes, and focussed, taking aim at French Polynesia. The dart left her hand, bounced off the wall and went down the back of the fridge amongst all the cobwebs and dust…… Oh dear. Coronavirus hasn’t gone away, and it’s completely changed the way humans live out their lives. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, powerful or meagre, the Prime Minister or a homeless vagrant. Just like Death itself, it’s proving to be a great level

Coco Calling No. 118 - Signs of the Times

Recently, my owner’s wife put up a new sign in our kitchen. It reads: “Studies suggest that women who carry a bit of extra weight… live longer than men who mention it!” And my owner’s been very tight-lipped ever since! Humans are always communicating with one another through the use of signs. If you venture out now, the likelihood is that you’ll see a sign telling you to wear a face mask or to keep two metres apart. There are signs that say “Stop” and “Give Way”, “Private” or “Keep Clear.” And hopefully, you will see a sign somewhere that says “Welcome” or “Please Come In.” But these aren’t the only signs that surround us. There are many other signs that feature in our daily lives. And they

Coco Calling No. 117 - A Sparrow on Your Hand…..

My human owner has recently come back from a trip to the Isles of Scilly off south-west England. The islands are beautiful, and largely unspoilt. They are one of those rare places where nature and humans still co-exist in relative harmony. The resident birds are very much tamer than on the mainland, because people haven’t yet abused their trust. And it seems to me that’s how the world was always meant to be. Many folk say that they feel closer to God when they immerse themselves in Nature. And perhaps none more so than St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. He built bonds of love with a great many creatures, which he viewed as an expression of God’s presence around him. And he h

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