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Coco Calling: No. 46 - The Magpie and the Wren

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

I love sitting by the window and watching all of the activity around the bird feeders in the garden. The action is a bit like a microcosm of life. At the top end of the “pecking order” come the Magpies. They are smart and powerful, walking with a distinctive swagger. They exude self-importance, and are usually linked to any trouble or bullying taking place outside.

They’re a bit like some self-made mega bosses, enjoying all the trimmings of life, often at the expense of others.

There are lots and lots of other birds which visit the feeders, but always paying the Magpies due homage. And then, at the very bottom of the pile, we have the tiny wrens. They are small, drab and insignificant, quietly going about their business.

Blink and you miss them. And yet, these tiny creatures have a gift which outshines all of the other birds in the garden. Their voice. A voice that’s not only beautiful and melodious, but also miraculous. If you measure the song of a wren in relation to its body weight, then it is ten times louder than the crowing of a cockerel. And it is also incredibly intricate. Wrens produce between 16 and 36 notes per second, many of which are inaudible to humans because they are beyond their range of hearing. All from a tiny bird weighing just seven to twelve grams. You would need some 1400 wrens to match the weight of an average Mute Swan.

There are days when we can easily feel a bit down. In fact, downtrodden, unappreciated and unnoticed. Overshadowed by those who are bigger, louder or more aggressive than ourselves. The Magpies of this world. But what really lurks inside us? Because we’ve all been given something by God to develop and to use and to nurture. Just like the insignificant wren. And the Bible reminds us of just that.

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” Romans 12:6

“But each man has his own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that.” 1 Corinthians 7:7b

There is no pecking order in Heaven. Everyone is unique and special, and above all, equal. And if we all recognize those gifts inside ourselves and others, and use them for God’s purpose, then collectively, we can move mountains. We can change the world. That’s quite a thought, isn’t it?

So, from now on, I’m going to stop looking in the mirror and thinking how beautiful my feathers are. Because true beauty isn’t just what you can see. And God’s special gifts to us are often hidden within. But they are there, inside us, waiting for the opportunity to shine out………..


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