Coco Calling: No. 23 - A Bountiful Harvest

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Lots of interesting and tasty things get brought in from the garden at this time of year. My owner’s been very busy digging up potatoes, picking tomatoes and peppers, (not to mention a wicked supply of chillies which are just for me!) And then there’s also that wonderful smell of his onions which are currently drying out on the table next to me. He’s grown some real whoppers this year, weighing almost 3lbs (1.37kg). And I have to confess that I love to eat them raw. Parrots never worry about what their beaks smell of! It really is a lovely time of year, and hopefully, the Autumn Harvest means that there’s a bountiful supply of tasty food to keep us a

Coco Calling: No. 22 - Finding your right environment

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot It’s true to say, that along with many other birds, parrots have extremely large feet. In fact, compared to our body size, our feet probably equate to size 30+ in the human world. That’s why when we walk, we have a swagger, (a bit like John Wayne in his cowboy outfit). Photography: LKG Photography You humans probably find this very comical, but I’d like to see you hang on to a branch in the top of a tree with the feet and toes that you’ve been given. You see, our toes aren’t so good on the ground, but they’re brilliant for wrapping around perches. And there’s a bit of wisdom here for us all to digest. Because it’s all too easy to dismiss or laugh at

Coco Calling: No. 21 - This World’s Not Heaven

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I spend a lot of my day positioned next to a large kitchen window. I love looking out over the lush green lawn and colourful flowerbeds, and I particularly like watching the wild birds. My owner attracts them into the garden with feeders containing sunflower hearts and peanuts, suet pellets and mixed grain. All kinds of birds visit us, including finches, sparrows, thrushes, woodpeckers, nuthatches, wrens, tits and pigeons. They all have their own style and character and personality. And they’re lovely to watch. There’s even a chubby Bank Vole that counts as one of “the regular diners.” Photography: RSPB However, not all of the visitors are welcome. T

Coco Calling: No.20 - Visiting Eileen

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Every morning, before breakfast, I make a short journey. I fly from one side of our house to the annex on the other side to visit 92 year old Eileen. Eileen is the Grandma of our collective residence. These days she’s a bit frail and wobbly on her legs, and she’s become rather forgetful. You could say that she’s no longer quite as dynamic as she once was, and it would be very easy to simply forget about her, and get on with everything else in life. After all, I’ve got my preening, eating and blog writing to attend to. But you know, it’s very important on both sides for us to make time for one another. Because Eileen, despite her limitations, still sh

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