Coco Calling No. 84 - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

It’s dark and cold outside. Over the last month, it’s barely stopped raining. Everyone seems to have a cold. Humans have been dashing around, buying food and presents, and trying to get on top of their work before the Christmas Break. Stress, stress, stress. Pressure. Pressure. Pressure. How can Christmas be “the most wonderful time of the year”? And yet the birth of Jesus in a lowly stable, along with His death on the cross, is probably the most momentous thing that we will ever know. But the problem is that so many of us don’t know it. We all need to be told or reminded. And that’s what Daniel Berrigan was trying to do when he wrote the following piece: “It’s not true that creation and hum

Coco Calling No. 83 - Helping Others

Well, it’s nearly Christmas time now. Just one week to go. And Christmas is a time when parrots can have great fun around the house. I can really let my crest down and do exciting things such as climbing up the Christmas Tree or swinging upside-down on the strings of Christmas lights. And when no one is looking, I can go and eat all of the berries off the holly that the humans have hung up in the hallway. Happy days! But of course, Christmas isn’t always such a happy occasion for everyone around us. In fact, it can be a very difficult time for the poor, the hungry, and the homeless. The elderly, the lonely and the sick. And that’s where, as Christians, we all need to rally around. To think a

Coco Calling No. 82 - That All Important ‘Welcome’

My owner is a very strange kind of human. He does all kinds of weird things, and his condition always gets worse as we approach Christmas time. Last month, he put out more than thirty light-up animals in the front garden! Fortunately, my blushes were spared because he couldn’t get hold of a light-up parrot. But instead, there’s still a large light-up flamingo out there! Then, the other day, he suddenly appeared in the house with a church. Not a real one of course, but a ‘light-up’ church as part of his array of indoor Christmas decorations. When I first laid eyes on it, I thought “oh no!” Because unlit, it simply looked like a large chunk of worthless plastic. But after he plugged it in, and

Coco Calling No. 81 - It’s Raining Wine!

Because it was Friday, -the end of a long week, -my owner decided to open a bottle of wine. This was no ordinary bottle. It had a flashy gold label, and had cost twice as much as the other bottles in his wine rack. A special treat, he thought to himself. And he certainly did get a very special treat! As the cork came out, I heard the sound of an Icelandic geyser going off. I ducked, and went into the brace position on my perch. The wine shot out of the bottle with such explosive force, that it splattered the walls, the ceiling, and my human owner from top to toe! In fact, the whole kitchen looked like the setting for some very gory vampire movie. The special wine turned out to be bad. Very b

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