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Coco Calling No. 81 - It’s Raining Wine!

Because it was Friday, -the end of a long week, -my owner decided to open a bottle of wine. This was no ordinary bottle. It had a flashy gold label, and had cost twice as much as the other bottles in his wine rack. A special treat, he thought to himself. And he certainly did get a very special treat!

As the cork came out, I heard the sound of an Icelandic geyser going off. I ducked, and went into the brace position on my perch. The wine shot out of the bottle with such explosive force, that it splattered the walls, the ceiling, and my human owner from top to toe! In fact, the whole kitchen looked like the setting for some very gory vampire movie. The special wine turned out to be bad. Very bad! And so instead of having a treat, my owner spent the next twenty minutes trying to clear up the mess.

I thought to myself, afterwards, that Life can be a bit like that bottle of wine. Because what can seem wonderful on the outside, can prove to be anything but. It’s all part of our learning curve. How often do you humans give out your heart to the wrong person? To someone that you thought was wonderful, but who later turned out to be the opposite? Or take what you believe to be a dream job, only to find that it’s a nightmare? Or splash out on a snazzy sports car, only to discover that it breaks down every other day? So much of Life is about trial and error; about experiencing both the good and the bad things which, together, shape us into becoming the individuals that we are. I guess you can call it “The Roller Coaster Ride of Life.”

And when there’s so much unpredictability within the lives that we lead, it’s wonderful to know that at least there is always one constant, one anchor, one stabilising force that we can trust and believe in. And that, of course, is Jesus Christ.


“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

The love of Jesus never turns bad. It doesn’t explode and it never deceives. And come what may, it’s there for us every single day…….

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