Coco Calling No. 101 - Is There Life In Lockdown?

As a parrot, whether in this house or out in the wilds, it’s a beautiful thing to open up my wings and fly! To fly to wherever the wind or my inclination takes me. My wings are an expression of freedom. I know that humans have legs that they can plod around on, but it’s not quite the same. Photo: But now we all find ourselves living at home under lockdown. And suddenly, the freedom that we once enjoyed and took for granted has been curtailed. All because of a microscopic virus. Something so tiny, yet so powerful, that it’s knocked our lives out of their normal orbit. So, from the confines of our homes, can we really live life to the full? · We can’t attend

Coco Calling No. 100 - Powered By Love!

I’m not really a great fan of human politicians, but there is one in particular, who has recently caught my eye. And that might be because Boris Johnson has a hint of Cockatoo about him. But not only that. No; last week when he was released from Intensive Care, he made one of the most profound statements ever to come from the lips of any politician. Talking about the Coronavirus, he said this: “We will win because our N.H.S. is the beating heart of this country. It is the best of this country. It is unconquerable. It is powered by love.” And Boris went on to make a reference to two special nurses, -Luis from Portugal, and Jenny from New Zealand, who had remained by his side during his darkes

Coco Calling No. 99 - Easter in Lockdown

Despite the current suffering of the world around, I’ve felt an inner joy throughout the Easter weekend. It’s not that I’ve shut out the painful cries of humanity. I still care very deeply. But I’ve continued to walk with a swagger and a strut. And I still do my daily exercise routine on the clothes airer. Because in all of the current darkness, I sense a great light….. We’ve all experienced a very strange Holy Week. Normally, millions of humans around the world would have been flocking into their local churches to pay witness to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And yet, those heavy old church doors have remained locked and bolted throughout. Instead, humans have been large

Coco Calling No. 98 - Where is God Right Now?

I normally like to open these blogs with a spot of parrot humour and frivolity. But as things have become so difficult for human beings around the world, I’ve decided that I’d better be serious this week. So serious in fact, that I’m going to open with a reference to my least favourite human being, Josef Stalin. Stalin is reputed to have said that “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” Mercifully, human deaths from the Coronavirus haven’t got anywhere near the million mark yet, but as the daily death tolls are announced on the radio and television, it’s all too easy for us to focus on the figures rather than the underlying tragedy that they represent. Individual live

Coco Calling No. 97 - All shall be well……

How quickly things can change in life. Especially if you’re a human being. Because humans have all kinds of sophisticated systems and mechanisms and customs that usually enable them to control their existence. But suddenly, everything’s in disarray. For a great many humans, work has stopped. Schools have shut. People must stay indoors. Supermarket shelves are bare. Hugs, kisses and handshakes are banned. And for many, money, -that primary driving-force in human life -has become very scarce. In the short-term at least, humanity is no longer in control of its destiny. And so a great many people are frightened. Very frightened indeed. Image: And yet, in some ways, nothing’s re

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