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Coco Calling: No.4 - Who should really be kept in cages?

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

I like most human beings. I know they lack feathers and their noses are a poor apology for a splendid beak, but I have to like them because my owner is one. And we understand one another. If I bow my head, he knows I want a tickle. And if I roll over, he knows I want to lie in the palm of his hand. And if I do a certain call, he knows I want a bath. So I guess we have a special relationship.

So often, as I sit on my perch gazing out of the window at the wild birds and animals, I wish it could be the same for them. I wish they all existed in a world in which there was harmony between human beings and the rest of nature. Because we are all God’s creatures experiencing life together. We have all been crafted by the same loving Creator. But sadly, it doesn’t seem to work that way. Some humans destroy everything, even when it isn’t in their interests to do so. Just think of the Amazon Rainforest where a lot of my cousins live. Some 70% of the plants with anti-cancer properties exist only in the Amazon. Quinine for treating Malaria and Turbocuarine for treating muscle disorders like Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis are derived from Amazonian plants. So what do humans do? They cut down 78 million acres of rainforest every single year (or around 150 acres every minute, every day).

And what about pollinating bees? Humans know that they play a crucial role for the survival of all animal-life on the planet. But many millions die every year around the world because of the way humans use pesticides. And just look at the seas. We all know how important they are for cleansing and providing fish. But humans poison them with oil and chemicals and rubbish, and then overfish out of pure greed.

The crazy thing is that we are all in this world together. We all live in “God’s Garden.” So why do some humans spend all of their time breaking it, trashing it, destroying it, poisoning it, killing, murdering and eradicating its lifeforms? Because humans are destroying it for all of us, themselves included.

Parrots have a very wise saying which goes like this:

“No wise parrot gnaws the perch on which it likes to sit.”

If humans carry on living in discord with the rest of creation, they will eventually come crashing down to earth. And then it might be too late for them to learn the meaning of words such as “cherish”, “value”, “respect”, “honour”, “revere”, “share”, and “protect".

Who should really be kept in cages? Parrots or humans??

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