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Coco Calling: No. 30 - The Parrot And The Egg

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

I wonder how, when I started out in life, I found myself inside an egg? I mean, how did I get there? Who stuck me inside? How did I breathe? And how on earth did I fit? Just think about my broad shoulders, large beak and extra-long toes. There’s no way that I could fit inside an egg measuring just three centimeters long by two and half wide. And yet, I somehow managed it.

Well, I was mulling this over earlier today when my owner switched his radio on. And I suddenly heard a woman involved in a heated debate about why her seven year old son was being taught some of the Bible stories at school. “After all,” she said, “these days, everyone knows that the Bible’s just a load of fairytales.” And she went on to suggest that the school should have Harry Potter lessons instead.

Well, I’m sure that Harry Potter lessons would be great fun if entertainment is what you’re after. But of course, pure entertainment doesn’t change lives or lead to spiritual growth. Nor can it get you into Heaven. And I’m sure that the woman would have felt differently if she, too, had originally hatched from a tiny egg like I did. Because the whole saga of my being formed inside an egg, of being laid, incubated and ultimately hatching out; -it’s all something very akin to a “fairytale.” The only difference being that my “egg fairytale” is 100% true! It happened. And here I am as living evidence.

Instead of taking things at face value, and dismissing everything that we fail to understand or comprehend, we need to be questioning, thinking about, and searching for the answers that elude us. The answer to Life. The answer to my miraculous beginning inside a tiny egg. The answer about who I am; about my role and purpose in Life; and about where I’ve come from and where I’m going. And above all, why I’m here. Because taking part in Life is all about taking a starring role in the ultimate “fairytale.” Everything about us and our world is too far-fetched to be true. And yet it’s a living, breathing, pulsing daily reality. If humans can only look outside the box of their narrow “humanized” existence, and see the wider picture, then the extraordinary, the miraculous, and the impossible are there for all to see. All around us in our normal everyday world. If we are all a living reality, then why can’t Jesus, God and the promise of Heaven be true in exactly the same way? Why can’t the miracles described in the Gospels, and the resurrection of Jesus also be true?

If we spend our lives trapped within the mundanity of our everyday existence, never looking beyond or asking “why” or “how”, then we will always live a “blinkered life,” and ultimately miss out big time. The more effort we make to discover and search for Jesus and God, the further we will move away from Harry Potter and all of the traditional fairytales. Because suddenly, the very essence of the Gospels, the power of the Holy Spirit, the certainty of God the Master Craftsman, and the Salvation offered to us by Jesus Christ, - they all become a rock-solid reality in our lives. Something changes inside us; something that’s so very difficult to explain to those who don’t yet know it……..

So how on earth did I get inside that egg??

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