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Coco Calling: No. 35 - Christmas By Numbers

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

Parrots can be great talkers. But today, I don’t need many words for my Christmas message.

In fact, just a few words and some numbers.


One baby.

One stable.

One star.

One little town called Bethlehem.

Three wise men travelling.

Perhaps 20 shepherds gasping in amazement.

Maybe two dozen angels rejoicing in the sky.

Possibly 100 of Herod’s soldiers searching for the baby.


33,000 Christian denominations around the world.

Approximately 37 million Christian church buildings standing proud.

3 billion people proclaiming themselves to be “Christian.”

More than 5 billion copies of the Bible now printed and distributed.


Infinity in Heaven, if we choose to accept it.

Immeasurable love that is Jesus Christ.

A hope, a joy and an end destination that is beyond incalculable.

So did something happen when Jesus was born?

Happy Christmas, everyone! A very, very Happy Christmas!

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