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Coco Calling: No. 44 - J.O.Y.

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot


Some people refer to me as “a cage-bird” because my home is a parrot cage, even though I regularly come out. And they often wonder how it is that I’m such a happy bird. After all, I can’t fly around as much as the wild birds outside. But I’ve got something that they don’t have. I’m truly loved by the humans that I live with, and I feel completely safe. I don’t have to worry about predators or where my next meal is coming from, or how I will get through the Winter. I count my blessings. But there’s more to it than this. Because I experience real joy in my life. And that word “JOY” is the secret to a happy existence here on Earth. Let me explain why.

Let’s take the “J” out of “JOY.” “J” stands for “Jesus“. If you believe in Jesus, then you believe in Salvation and eternal life in Heaven. And that puts everything that you experience in Life into a new perspective. Because you know that everlasting JOY will eventually come to you through Jesus. And you know that you as an individual, you will eventually be going to Heaven.

Now, what about the “O” in “JOY?” The “O” stands for “others.” To discover real, meaningful, lasting JOY, we need to put others before ourselves. That’s why there is JOY in giving and sharing; in acts of kindness, a smile or a hug. It’s all about offering ourselves to other people, instead of being selfish or self-centred.

Which now leads us on to the “Y” of JOY. The last letter of the three. And the letter “Y” stands for “yourself.” Because to find real joy, you need to put yourself last, so that you place both Jesus and Others before you.

So there you have it. “J.O.Y.” “Jesus,” “Others,” “Yourself” in that order. The way to find real, meaningful, lasting joy in our lives.

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