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Coco Calling No.2 - Genius vs Simplicity

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

As I was sitting on my favourite perch one morning, pondering my latest theories of astrophysics and bio-dynamics, it occurred to me that the more complicated we make this world, the more we tie ourselves up in knots. The more that we discover, the more that we find still needs to be discovered. The deeper we go, the more we shut ourselves off from the relevant and the obvious. And when this happens, we can lose touch with God.

Just think of all of the geniuses throughout history. (Naturally I’m too modest to call myself a genius. I’ll let others do that). I mean geniuses like Einstein, Galileo, Aristotle and Darwin. I’m not sure that their scientific work ever brought them happiness. And so I pose the question……. Do we really need to know about how life evolved or how old the universe is, or how to clone monkeys or parrots or maybe people? Science is all very stimulating and fascinating, but ultimately, will it save our souls? Can mathematical formulas or complex theories teach us about love or compassion, or how we can get to Heaven? The God I know is the God of small and simple things. The God of acts of kindness. The God of smiles. The God of giving. The God of caring. The God of praying for others. And the God that loves feathers.

We don’t always need to understand the complexities of how God created the world and the universe around us, particularly if it distracts us from the present and immediate things in our lives. Of course, science still has its place in our world, -particularly in fields such as medical research or anything which makes our existence here on Earth a little safer or more comfortable. But science must never become all-consuming. After all, none of us are here for very long. We’re born (or hatched). We live. We die. And during that tiny fragment of time, we need to discover God and secure our place in Heaven. And we don’t need to be a genius to do that. It’s not always about what we pack into our brains. It’s more about what we give out from our hearts while we can……



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