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Coco Calling No.279 - The Menace in the Meadow

I live my daily life here surrounded by a whole range of different animals. I rub shoulders with two elderly labradors, two chickens, a couple of humans and two Exmoor ponies, who reside in the sloping meadow outside. They are rescue ponies that were rashly taken on by the humans several years ago. 

The mare is called ‘Lola’ and has a timid personality and rarely steps out of line. But her son, called ‘Dazzle,’ is a regular mischief maker and escapologist. He goes around the meadow looking for any rotten post or weak link in the wire, and it’s always Dazzle that manages to get out and wreak havoc around the rest of the garden. And he always seems to do it when my owner’s wife (who’s the horsey one) is away elsewhere.

A few days ago, there came a commotion from the middle of the chicken run. My owner looked out to see Dazzle marauding around in the middle of it, having not only broken down his own fence, but also that of the chickens. The brighter of the two chickens instantly thought ‘whoopee,’ and quickly escaped to enjoy a wonderful exploration of a different part of the garden. But the other one kept running around under Dazzle’s feet crying out ‘Oh my goodness! O my goodness!’ in hysterical chicken clucks. And it was only by good fortune that she did get trampled on.

Well, my owner, was of course, alone in the house. He went out and tried to put a lead rein on Dazzle, but every time he got anywhere near, he charged off to some other part of the garden. So my owner tried a different strategy. Convinced that Lola would behave herself and stay put, he opened up the meadow gate a little, and then went off to usher Dazzle back through. Five seconds later, Lola had not only come out, but somehow managed to place a foreleg between several strands of perimeter wire and was now unable to move. So while Dazzle created havoc elsewhere, my owner had to spend a good five minutes trying to extricate Lola’s trapped leg. Eventually he succeeded and got her back, none the worse for wear. And he now turned his attention to Dazzle who was now standing motionless on the back lawn.

There was a mischievous look in Dazzle’s eyes, as he weighed up his options. And then, without the slightest warning, he decided to make a bolt for it around the side of the house and into the front garden. This meant there was a chance of him getting over the garden wall and disappearing off into the village. So, in desperation, as he charged passed, my owner resorted to the only option left to him; he grabbed hold of Dazzle’s tail and hung on for dear life. And the most extraordinary tug of war ensued, with my owner leaning back at a crazy angle to get a better purchase. Some of Dazzle’s very fine tail came out in my owner’s hand, -which was a bit disconcerting for all concerned, -but the strategy worked, and soon Dazzle was brought to a halt, and finally returned to his meadow.

This little garden drama serves as a reminder that life comes with a great many trials and tribulations, and that’s why it’s important to have a firm faith to help see us through. Especially when everything seems to be going wrong at once. But irrespective of what comes our way, in the end, all will be well. If not in this world, then in the next one. And that’s a thought that we need to keep hold of, especially if we find ourselves clinging on to a pony’s tail!

“Having faith does not mean having no difficulties, but having the strength to face them, knowing that we are not alone.”                                                   (Pope Francis: [1936 – present]: current Pope and head of the Roman Catholic Church)

“…and call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you..."

(Psalm 50: 15)


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