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Coco Calling No. 74 - The Long-term Forecast

I don’t know why, but most humans indulge in a daily ritual which leaves them feeling depressed. First, they turn on their television sets to watch the news. And as if that isn’t bad enough, they then decide to watch the weather forecast. And they end up feeling ten times worse than when they started out. The weather lady, beaming out a huge smile from ear to ear, tells them that they can expect rain, followed by more rain, and then some additional rain after that! In fact, it’s been the same forecast for about two weeks now, and I’m wondering whether my owner should start to build an ark…..

I guess that the weather reflects our existence here on earth. A bit changeable and unpredictable. Sometimes set fair, but on other occasions, throwing in a succession of storms, gales and lightning bolts. Sometimes, allowing us to relax and enjoy our existence, but on other occasions, making our lives a challenge or a struggle. Which is why God’s long-term forecast for all of us is such very welcome news. There is nothing changeable, gloomy or unsettled about it. No, God’s forecast is one of eternal sunshine. Pure, unbounded love, joy, harmony and peace, for any of us choosing to receive it. And when I think of this, God’s sunshine bursts through the rainiest of days!



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