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Coco Calling No. 78 - Why the Changing Seasons Change

As we begin to creep into Winter, once again, Mother Nature changes things around. Gone are the Swallows of Summer, to be replaced by flocks of Starlings and Redwings from northern climes. And the trees that not so long along ago stood green and lush, now cling on to the last fragments of their Autumn foliage. And bright red berries now add colour to an otherwise fading landscape.

Mother Nature, like Time itself, never stands still. The rhythm of life marches along on its inevitable course. And whether you’re a parrot like me, or a human being, you have no choice but to run with it. We go from season to season; from chick to fledgeling; from baby to child; from adult to aged, (or in my case, to a dishevelled bunch of musty feathers barely clinging to my perch.)

And should this situation make us afraid? The fact that ultimately, we are not in control, and never will be? You humans can turn to your Botox, your spray-tan; your wrinkle cream and all your other lotions and potions, but these only mask the inevitable.

You see, parrots and humans exist here on Earth in a kind of “holding pen.” None of us are quite ready for Heaven. We all need to learn, to experience, to grow and to mature. To seek and to find. To allow a part of our Creator to come inside. So that we learn to love and to trust. And over time, we evolve, we change and we grow. Like the trees outside in our gardens.

And hopefully, just like those trees with the red berries, we will eventually come to bear fruit. Fruit which needs the different seasons to evolve and develop. The same fruit which when ripened, announces that we are ready to leave our “holding pen” and proceed to Heaven. Which is where God wanted us to be all along………

“Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matthew 11:29)



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