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Coco Calling No. 94 - Seeing It All from a Different Angle…….

Not everything in Life is quite as it seems. Or else things don’t turn out to be quite as we expected. The problem is that we often believe that we know more than we really do. About all kinds of things ranging from politics to single mothers, and from rough sleeping through to the pros and cons of Brexit. You name it, and we will form our own opinion about it. And we have to be careful not to turn into self-appointed experts because our perception and understanding of the world around us is often very limited. After all, most of us only view it all from one particular angle. Let me give you an example.

Neil Armstrong is a super hero amongst humans, because he was the very first man to walk on the moon. Back in 1969, as he stepped out of his lunar module for the very first time, many humans wondered whether he was about to come face to face with a real-life alien!

But at the precise moment of his first lunar step, there was only one alien on the surface of the moon, and that was Neil Armstrong. And to prove my point, all you have to do is take his first name “Neil” and the first letter of his surname, (the “A”), then join them together and read them backwards!! You see, it’s all about our perception of things.

Or if you choose to turn around the “evil” in your life, then you can really start to “live.” And when Mary gave birth to Jesus in the stable, some folk felt He was reducing Himself to the level of a “dog.” But He was definitely no “dog.” Because this Jesus proved to be the Son of “God.”

The trouble with humans and parrots is that we form fixed opinions about a great many things when we don’t see the whole perspective. And we are not always prepared to change. The Pharisees persecuted Jesus because they could not accept that there was any other viewpoint apart from their own. So healing people on the Sabbath was strictly forbidden. And surely the real Son of God wouldn’t spend time socialising with sinners, outcasts, the poor and the sick instead of rubbing shoulders with the rich, the powerful, and the virtuous! And why die on a cross to save the very people that were putting Him through such suffering and torment? Jesus has always had a habit of shattering our expectations and spinning our perceptions around 180 degrees. And that applies just as much today as it ever did.

Sometimes, (and I stress, -sometimes-) when something bad happens to us such as a redundancy or a bout of ill-health, or a bankruptcy or the break-up of a relationship, it may just prove to be a blessing in disguise. Because it may be about to steer us on a new course bringing us closer to God and Jesus.

There are some humans that have referred to me in the past as a “parrot genius” because of my blog and my philosophical thinking. But the truth is this: the further I travel on this journey called Life, the more I come to realise how little I really know. And not just me. How little we all know and understand. And that’s why I believe we should all need to carry humility in our hearts. Because that humility allows us to be shaped and directed by God. Without it, we may flounder and fail; or fall to the “devil” when we could have really “lived.”Or become one of the “rats” when we could have been a “star” in God’s eyes.

So the question for all of us is this: which way ‘round are we reading these words? Which way ‘round are we perceiving the world? Allowing God inside us is like going to the opticians. We will suddenly see clearly what was previously blurred or hidden from view………….

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:19)

“One thing I do know, I was blind but now I see!” (John 9:25b)

“The people living in darkness have seen a great light” (Matthew 4:16)



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