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Coco Calling No. 96 - Re-discovering What Really Matters

And so the world has suddenly changed for all human beings. Life for so many people has been turned on its head. So much that was previously taken for granted has now become unclear, uncertain, and full of threat and menace. The Coronavirus is in town….

Status and wealth count for nothing at present. Big houses, flashy cars and bars of gold have been superseded by a new currency and set of status symbols: loo paper, bags of pasta and bottles of hand wash. Everyone is in the same position irrespective of wealth, colour, culture or creed. And the world’s obsession with profit and wealth has largely ground to a halt. People are suddenly looking out for one another rather than just themselves. Suddenly, acts of kindness and love, caring and sharing have become the “new news” of the day. The basic needs of humanity have been lifted above all else to take centre-stage.

And from the perspective of a small parrot sitting on his perch, this terrible time of loss and stress for so many humans can also become a “Golden Time.”

A time of giving and sharing and working together for the common good. A time when humans suddenly see a new vision for the world. A different way. A new dawn in which humanity can work together as one. A time when love and compassion and generosity are able to flood around the world, following in the footsteps of the Coronavirus itself.

We all have a role to play in this. Whether it be through practical action or prayer. And this is most definitely a time for all of us,- even if we are self-isolating, - to get on the “prayer hotline” to God. To pray for the sick and the vulnerable; to pray for the bereaved and those comforting them; to pray for all medics and nurses and carers who will need extraordinary strength and energy to get through each passing day; and to pray for the scientists that are racing to develop an effective inoculation against the virus. It has been said that prayer can move mountains. Covid19 is one very large mountain…..

“Father, we lift our prayers up to you in this time of crisis, knowing that you are present amongst us, that you are listening, and that your heart is the very essence of all love and compassion. Amen.”



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