Coco Calling: No.19 - Do I really matter?

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Even by parrot standards, I’m really rather small. Approximately nine inches from head to tail. And when I think of myself as one small bird on the face of this planet, then I can feel terribly small. Rather like an insignificant ant, or a fly or even a speck of dust. And for some humans, as well as parrots, life events can squash us down into believing this. We ask questions such as: “What am I doing here?” “Would anyone notice if I wasn’t here anymore?” “Does my existence really matter?” And then that old chestnut comes around: “What is the purpose of my existence? Am I simply a statistic?” Photography: Pexels Lots of us struggle to find a real ide

Coco Calling: No.18 - The Albino Parrot

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Just like humans, parrots can easily get bored. There’s always a fine balance in life between not doing too much, and not doing too little every day. Bored parrots can start to pull their feathers out. Or to gnaw things that they shouldn’t. And I guess this is where I need to make a confession. When I was a young bird, my owner was away for long hours each day working in London. And not surprisingly, I got bored. He allowed me to fly free in his kitchen while he was away. So, one day, I decided to gnaw the door of one of the kitchen cupboards. In fact I didn’t just gnaw it. I went right through it, excavating a kind of nest hole. Once inside the cupb

Coco Calling: No.17 - You are all miraculous!

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot My owner recently had one of those ancestry DNA tests done to find out about his origins. And the results were very interesting. He turned out to be mainly English, but he also had some Spanish, Eastern European, Irish, French, and Belgian blood in his system. And perhaps most interesting of all, he turned out to be 5% Viking. So what do these results really say about him? Well, probably not a great deal because most humans have a hotchpotch of ancestral threads in their make-up. It’s a bit different for me. I’m a Senegal Parrot so I guess that my DNA is 100% Senegalese! But should we feel any different about ourselves when we find out about our ance

Coco Calling: No.16 - The Power Within Us

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot Parrots are well known for being brightly coloured. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but on the whole, we add a touch of brightness to the world. Just looking at us can cheer people up! Reds, yellows, greens, blues, -often strikingly combined. You could call us an extravagant expression of well-being and optimism. And so we make a positive impact on the world through our appearance. Photography: Pexels Of course, humans don’t have colourful feathers. They just come in various shades of brown, white and yellow, and all they can really do is dye their hair in an assortment of colours if they want to make the same sort of impact as parrots……………..

Coco Calling: No.15 - Humility and Pollywood

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot I’m sure that you’re all very familiar with Hollywood in California, and Bollywood in India. Some of you may also have heard of Nollywood, -the hub of the African film-making industry based in Nigeria. But have you ever come across “Pollywood”? Photography: Pexels Pollywood is where you go if you’re a parrot that’s “made it” in life. Parrot business tycoons like Quill Gates and parrot sports stars such as David Peck’em (yes, he always was a bit of a dirty player), -they all flock to Pollywood to announce to the world that “they’ve arrived”. Successful parrots go there to strut and swagger and head-bang their way up and down the red carpet while all o

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