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Coco Calling: No.16 - The Power Within Us

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

Parrots are well known for being brightly coloured. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but on the whole, we add a touch of brightness to the world. Just looking at us can cheer people up! Reds, yellows, greens, blues, -often strikingly combined. You could call us an extravagant expression of well-being and optimism. And so we make a positive impact on the world through our appearance.

Photography: Pexels

Of course, humans don’t have colourful feathers. They just come in various shades of brown, white and yellow, and all they can really do is dye their hair in an assortment of colours if they want to make the same sort of impact as parrots……………..Or is that totally true?

Photography: Pexels

Is it really your appearance that counts, or is it what lies beneath that interests God? Because humans can have the plainest of faces, or the most boringly coloured hair, but if they choose to, they can still project a sense of warmth, well-being, comfort and goodness to the world around them. Through their eyes. Through their smiles. And through a whole multitude of other facial expressions. And this is where they have the advantage over parrots. Our beaks only go up and down. You can’t smile with a beak. Our feathers hide our facial expressions. And while our eyes can twinkle, because they are set on the side of our heads, we lose the duel impact of them looking at somebody full in the face.

Photography: Pexels

So this means that humans have been given the chance to subtly impact upon the world around them. To set “the feel” and “the tone” amongst those they come into contact with. And it’s totally down to each individual as to the kind of impact that they make. Do they send out messages of love or hate? Of warmth or coldness? Of understanding or indifference? Of togetherness or separation?

A human face can paint a thousand different pictures. A single expression can be the difference between love and discord, war and peace. So as you go about your business today, think about the colours you are painting the world around you. Are you making it a happier place, or a worse place to be? Are you making people feel better, or are you causing them to shy away from you? And most importantly of all, -are you helping to project God’s love upon the face of the Earth? Because if all humans did that on a daily basis, this world would change for ever. For it would become a world in which humans could happily co-exist.

Every single one of us carries a package of God’s love inside. Sometimes it can seem very small, or we might not even know it’s there. But search deep and you will find it. Bring it to the surface, and then project it to the world for all you are worth! And then God will shine through you. Not only through your thoughts and actions, but through your smiles and through your eyes. In Matthew 5, verses14-16, Jesus talks about shining a light out into the world. He says:

“You are the light of the world…….let your light shine before men…

And if you are able to do what Jesus asks, you will bring a little glimpse of Heaven into the world around you………

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