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Coco Calling: No.3 - Living, evolving and improving

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

It came as quite a shock to me when I discovered that my beautiful feathers are supposed to have evolved from dinosaur scales. This is probably why my owner refers to me as “Pterodactyl Midgetus” when I’m flying around above his head.

But you know, it’s not where we’ve come from that matters. It’s all about who we are now and where we are heading. That’s what interests God! Consider that splendid human, Justin Welby, -Britain’s Archbishop of Canterbury. He’s probably descended from some Neolithic savage, but that doesn’t stop him from being a really good fellow. You see, God wants each generation of parrots and humans to be better than the last. A kind of moral and social advancement that over time, will see this world become a much better place for all. A world in which the son of a murderer can become a parish priest, or the daughter of a drug-addicted bank robber can become a brilliant foster mother. And we all have a role to play in this advancement. Through acceptance. Through encouragement. And through love.

Parrots aren’t really that different to humans. We need to be understood. We need to receive kindness. And above all, we need to be loved. And then, if we behave in a sensible way, you will see us in our full glory.

I have never understood humans that like to taunt us, shout at us or even throw missiles at us. After all, we are all God’s creatures together. But there again, I suppose that’s what humans do amongst themselves. Just think of President Trump and Kim Jong-un. They really do need to settle their differences the parrot way,……….. with a mutual preen and a head tickle each! That’s how to get world peace.

Our world will never again be a Garden of Eden. But it could be so much better than it is. Humans and parrots must never stop evolving. And to evolve, we must all let the essence of God enter our hearts and minds. We are all a part of God’s creation. We are all in this life together. It doesn’t matter whether you have a beak or a nose, a crest or a perm, - let’s make our existence better, together, forever, - by putting God’s love at the centre of all we think and do.

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