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Coco Calling: No. 37 - A New Year Work Out with Einstein

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

Well, here we are at the start of another New Year. And this is the time of year when lots of humans are inspired to go along to their local gym for a workout. Parrots do it a bit differently. Because I decided to meet up with my friend Einstein (the African Grey) for some mental exertion. Over a bowl of nuts and banana chips, we like to have a good old chat and put the world to rights. And as usual, Einstein lived up to his name. First of all, he considered fellow parrots.

“The problem with parrots is that we are too beautiful for our own good, much too vain, and both as bright and as demanding as a human toddler. But unlike human toddlers, we never grow up!”

And then we moved on to people…….

“The folly of mankind is the folly of world because humans are the dominant species. So many humans believe they are stronger, more capable, more independent and so much more discerning than will ever be the case. And the more they believe this, the greater their folly becomes.”

So the pair of us made a New Year’s Resolution. Forget the gym! Forget diets! Forget that luxurious new cage that we’ve been hoping to move into. Our resolution is simply to remain humble, thoughtful and close to God throughout the coming year. Because God’s influence in our lives can help to plaster over so many of our individual failings, and even turn them into triumphs.

True humility forms the bedrock upon which love, compassion, generosity and well-being can all thrive. Because humility allows God to work through us, whoever and wherever we may be!

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