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Coco Calling: No. 47 - Beak Beautiful

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

One of the special things about parrots is their beaks. What a fantastic invention! Unlike humans, I never have to visit the dentist. I never suffer from a blocked nose. And I’ve absolutely no need for a set of nutcrackers. In fact, Hyacinth Macaws can even use their beaks to crack open a walnut. And yet, their beaks are sufficiently delicate to pick off the seeds from the outside of a strawberry. (A parrot treat!)

My own smaller sized beak operates rather like a mini mechanical grab. Ideally hinged to achieve maximum power. So I can slice through soft wood, yet I can also preen my most miniscule of feathers.

And it’s a fairly well-known fact that Japanese engineers had to turn to the design of a Kingfisher’s beak to overcome a problem with their Bullet Trains. Their old bullet trains created a loud “boom” as they entered tunnels because of the sudden compression of air, and in some cases, this even resulted in structural damage. So the design of the latest Bullet Trains, (the Shikansen N700’s) incorporates an extra-long nose cone at the front which is modelled on the beak of a Kingfisher. Engineers had noticed how Kingfishers can dive at speed into water without creating many ripples. Now their new trains can enter tunnels at speeds of up to 224mph without any serious air-compression issues.

Humans have “borrowed” so many ideas from God’s Natural World. Structural design, aerodynamics, fabrics, textiles and even glues to name just a few examples. In fact, humans even set up the Biomimicry Institute in 2005 so that they could examine more closely the perfection of Nature, and take ideas and inspiration from the array of designs, systems, processes, compounds, materials and substances in the Natural World.

Which leads me to ask the question; if there is so much to be learned from Nature, then why are so many humans intent upon destroying the Natural World around them? Why do some human leaders not believe in Global Warming or preserving the Amazon Rainforest or keeping wild elephants on the African Plains? Can short-term greed really make some humans blind to the longer-term consequences?

Humans and Nature need to form a partnership for their mutual benefit. Because ultimately, we are all the creation of God. And by destroying Nature, humanity is rejecting God and will ultimately destroy itself.

Romans, chapter 8, verse 21 reminds us that Salvation is not only available to humans, but also to the rest of Creation:

“….creation itself will one day be set free from its slavery to decay and will share the glorious freedom of the children of God.”

Therefore, it’s not only humans that matter to God. It’s all of us in Creation.

Surely all forms of Life need to be treated with respect, and valued by everyone………..


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