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Coco Calling: No. 59 - Searching for the “Right Thing”

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

My friend Einstein, the African Grey, recently attended an international conference for the world’s brainiest parrots. Known as “The Assembly of Beaky Geeks,” this annual event allows parrot geniuses from far and wide to come together to consider the way the world is going.

Top of the agenda was why humans are so intent upon space exploration. Humans in Europe, Japan, Russia, the U.S.A., India and China are all busy sending their rockets into space in the hope that “they will discover something.” Exactly what, nobody seems to know. But they all get terribly excited every time one of their rockets or space-ships sets off or touches down. And the Beaky Geeks all agreed that there’s a bit of an irony here. Because the greatest act of exploration that anybody can hope to undertake during their time here on Earth, is quite simply their own journey of self-discovery. And you don’t need a rocket or space-ship for that. It’s all about finding out what really matters in life. Who you are. Why you’re here. How you fit in with the world around you. What your purpose is in Life. Unearthing the spiritual part inside you. And preparing yourself for when you die.

Many of our life journeys are of epic proportions. With so many twists and turns, and both good and bad times. And if we are all prepared to learn as we go, and to travel far enough, then a great many of us will ultimately discover God, Jesus, and above all, Christian love, goodness, compassion and humility. Our life journeys are intended to steer us away from the physical towards the spiritual. To prepare us all for Heaven.

For as the Bible tells us: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you: (Luke 11:9)

The big question is whether we are searching for the right thing in the first place???

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