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Coco Calling No.176 - The Most Reliable Thing at Christmastime

Have you noticed how humans come up with all sorts of strange ideas? I say “strange” as opposed to “clever” because some of their inventions are designed to mask the fact that they are really quite dim. For example, they now have “smart” watches. I reckon they have to make them “smart” because otherwise some humans would be too thick to be able to tell the time. And then they also have their mobile phones. Who in their right mind would come up with the idea of creating a phone that you have to chase after and catch before you can use it? And then there’s the shining example of my human owner who presses a magic fob so that he can get inside a car that would otherwise lock him out. But sometimes, the car is cleverer than he is!

The other day, he drove his car slowly out of the driveway and stopped so that he could get out and shut the gates. While he was out of the car, the wind blew the driver’s door shut and the car decided to lock itself with the engine still running. Well, my owner repeatedly pressed his magic fob, but the car didn’t want to unlock itself and stayed where it was blocking the lane for everybody else. The only thing that my owner could open was the rear tailgate, but the height of the back seats and headrests meant that it was impossible for him to climb through. So, trying to apply a stroke of human genius, he grabbed a long plant support from a nearby flowerbed and poked it through to the button that operated one of the rear windows. He managed to open it a bit; then he hurried ‘round to the door and poked his head and arm through in an attempt to unlock the door.

Not only did the door refuse to be unlocked, but he accidentally caught the window button again so that the window shot up and throttled him for a few seconds before he managed to get it to re-open. Well, feeling very dishevelled and just a bit flustered, he eventually decided that the best thing was for him to climb in through the side window and manoeuvre himself into the driver’s seat. And as soon as he got there, the car, having had its ten minutes of fun, decided to unlock itself.

This embarrassing story explains why you never see a parrot out driving a car. Our wings are a thousand times better and never let us down! At least, not until we get very old and feather bare! But there’s also something else that’s so much more reliable than human technology. And that is Jesus our Saviour. Jesus will never mess us about. He’ll never wear out or go wrong. And He’s there for us 24/7 as our eternal hope. As we go into Christmastime celebrating His birth all those years ago, lots of us will forget that we are still a part of that same story. Because the birth of Jesus and all that He went on to achieve for us here on Earth is as relevant today as it was over 2000 years ago. Jesus is all about US, HERE, NOW! We might not be able to see Him. We may feel very out of touch with Him. But He’s always there in the background waiting to be discovered and acknowledged. And He’s even more concerned about our wellbeing and interests than we are ourselves! And so I say to everybody reading this blog, “Happy Christmas!” Whoever you are, wherever you may be, and whatever your circumstances, I pray that you will know the joy of Jesus’ birth and all that it means for you. Not only today, but through every coming day. Happy Christmas!

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.” (Hebrews 13:8).

“But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you…” (Luke 2:10-11a).

Please note that Coco will be taking a week’s break. His next blog will be on 5th January 2022.

About my book:

“The Random Thoughts of a Christian Parrot” is published in hardback, 176 pages in length, full colour throughout and featuring more than 100 photographs. The ISBN is 978-1-5272-9810-1 and copies cost £12.00. The book includes a Foreword written by the Bishop of Crediton plus a total of 83 reflections which can serve as your “parrot thought of the day.”

Copies are available from Amazon, some bookshops or direct from me! If ordering direct, please enclose a cheque for £12.00 made out to the “Oakmoor Group of Parishes” and send it to: Coco the Parrot, Parkstone, George Nympton Village, EX36 4JE, U.K. Postage and packing is free!

100% of proceeds will go towards funding the work of local North Devon parishes, and particularly a new Outdoor Church initiative located on the edge of Exmoor. My book will make a great Christmas present for friends and family!

This is what others have to say about my book:

“I grant you, a book by a feathered friend is novel, but with this parrot, faith finds its wings. It is intelligent, kind and spiritually perceptive – more than can be said for some religious functionaries. I wonder if dog collars come in parrot sizes?”

(Dave Tomlinson: Priest, author and broadcaster)

“The mix of humour, challenge, biblical text and photography along with the views of our perceptive parrot, make this book a unique reflection on our twenty-first century lives.”

(Right Reverend Jackie Searle: Bishop of Crediton)

“Sometimes human wisdom just isn’t enough. Standing or flying outside our messy, confusing, but glorious lives, Coco the parrot helps us to look afresh at the things that really matter and the ways we can re-connect with God’s love – so that we too can soar!”

(Giles King-Smith: Acting Archdeacon of Barnstaple)


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