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Coco Calling No.270 - New Year Resolutions

Well, here we are, about to launch into another New Year. And this is a time when humans make all kinds of wild assertions about what they will do or achieve in the year ahead. But unfortunately, they rarely succeed, and this can make them feel very sad. Of course, the simple solution is for them to set goals and aspirations which are more within their grasp. So perhaps my owner should include the following things on his list:

1)    Eat more and get fat.

2)   Never exercise and start smoking.

3)   Drink more rum, and then have a few more!

4)   Give up D.I.Y., gardening, and getting up out of bed in the morning.

5)   Test, and then re-test, both the sofa and the TV on a regular basis.

6)   Grow old and wrinkly; grumpy and miserable.

There, I reckon that’s far more within his grasp. As for me, it’s all about how I handle my exceptional intellect and extraordinary intelligence, throughout the year ahead. Because I’m really like a combination of Einstein, Aristotle, Copernicus, Michelangelo, Galileo, Sir Isaac Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci all in one.  (Oh, and let’s not forget Goethe as he had an IQ of 220!) You see, it must be so difficult for my human owner to exist alongside a pet parrot that is so much brighter than he is, both visually and intellectually. Because whenever I’m beside him, I make him look “thick.” So perhaps my New Year’s resolution should be to “act the part” of a pet parrot, and to forget that the larger cortical grey matter in my prefrontal and posterior temporal cortex is much better developed than his will ever be.

But there again, I’m writing this blog because I’m meant to be a Christian parrot. So actually, -irrespective of whether we’re intelligent or thick, or whether we’re fat or thin, human or parrot, or whatever else, - our New Year’s resolution should be much the same. To live out the next 12 months with the presence of God and Jesus in our hearts. And if we can do that, we won’t go far wrong. Because by inviting them in, we’ll be filling ourselves up on their goodness and love. Goodness and love which we can then share to the world around us, making it a better place for all! So Happy New Year folks. Happy New Year!

“Do you not know that you yourselves are a temple of God and that the spirit of God dwells in you?”                                                                                                                  

(1 Corinthians 3:16)

“Guard through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you.”                                                                                                     

(2 Timothy 1:14)


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