Coco Calling No. 76 - The Art of Building Bridges

I’m a very tame bird, so I usually only fly when I’ve got some energy to burn. Otherwise I tend to move around different rooms by using improvised bridges. For example, the clothes airer, a window sill, the back of a sofa, or a curtain rail, - they all come in very handy. And it’s a more leisurely way to travel! Of course, humans are very clever because they can build their own special bridges to get across rivers and valleys and estuaries. That human called Isambard Brunel was particularly good at it. But you don’t have to earn a degree in engineering to become an effective bridge-builder. Far from it. Because the Christian life is all about building bridges in all walks of life. Bridges be

Coco Calling No. 75 - Ringing around the world…

Every Wednesday evening, the sound of bells rings out across my village as the local bell-ringers practice for the following Sunday. Although the church is quite small, and the bells quite old, they still make an extraordinary sound. Powerful, purposeful and resonating. Any birds that had previously been perched up on the church tower quickly launch themselves off into the sky. In fact, the only thing that sits up there for the duration is the weather-vane! I’ve always thought that church bells are a very good way of reminding us all about God. Because if you’ve got something important to share with the world, then you need to shout it out in a powerful, purposeful and resonating way……….acro

Coco Calling No. 74 - The Long-term Forecast

I don’t know why, but most humans indulge in a daily ritual which leaves them feeling depressed. First, they turn on their television sets to watch the news. And as if that isn’t bad enough, they then decide to watch the weather forecast. And they end up feeling ten times worse than when they started out. The weather lady, beaming out a huge smile from ear to ear, tells them that they can expect rain, followed by more rain, and then some additional rain after that! In fact, it’s been the same forecast for about two weeks now, and I’m wondering whether my owner should start to build an ark….. I guess that the weather reflects our existence here on earth. A bit changeable and unpredictable. So

Calling No. 73 - The Call to Deceive or the Call of Redemption?

I have a wonderful talent for imitating the telephone ring. It has a two-tone note, but I’ve got it off to a tee. And this comes in very handy, especially as I only make the noise when the phone is actually ringing. If my owner is out in the garden, he can’t hear the phone, but he can certainly hear me imitating it. So, thanks to me, he comes running in and is able to answer the call. Sometimes he’s pleased to receive the call, and sometimes not. Because quite a lot of bad humans ring him pretending to be his bank, telling him that because of a security alert, he needs to transfer his money into their accounts. Or else they’ll pretend to be his internet provider, and say that there is a terr

Coco Calling No. 72 - The Error of Our Ways

One of the things that I like to read each month are church magazines. And I like them, not just because they tell me what’s going on in different Christian communities, but because they often contain some wonderful typos and discrepancies. And on occasions, I can laugh so much that I get parrot hiccups.….. For example, a harmless reference to the work of God turned into “the wok of God”, (as in “stir-fry, O Lord, the hearts of your people!”) And then, on the back page, there was a promo trying to rustle up support for “an ALPHA Curse.” Typos are very entertaining in themselves, but there’s also the whole area of unintended double meanings. One super-efficient Vicar made the mistake of annou

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