Coco Calling No. 96 - Re-discovering What Really Matters

And so the world has suddenly changed for all human beings. Life for so many people has been turned on its head. So much that was previously taken for granted has now become unclear, uncertain, and full of threat and menace. The Coronavirus is in town…. Status and wealth count for nothing at present. Big houses, flashy cars and bars of gold have been superseded by a new currency and set of status symbols: loo paper, bags of pasta and bottles of hand wash. Everyone is in the same position irrespective of wealth, colour, culture or creed. And the world’s obsession with profit and wealth has largely ground to a halt. People are suddenly looking out for one another rather than just themselves. S

Coco Calling No. 95 - Getting Your Reward in Heaven…..

I guess there’s a little part in everyone of us that wants to be appreciated. We want to be acknowledged for small acts of kindness, for our efforts and for our sincerity. And when nothing is said, or we get the opposite reaction to the one we were expecting, we can be left feeling hurt or disappointed. And that applies to parrots as well as to human beings. For example, I can go a whole day without gnawing the top of the kitchen cabinets, but does anyone notice? No, instead they complain that I’ve spilt seed husks all over the floor. Or when I whistle a special tune that I’ve worked on for ages, instead of stopping to listen, the family rushes out of the door to go shopping. Life isn’t alwa

Coco Calling No. 94 - Seeing It All from a Different Angle…….

Not everything in Life is quite as it seems. Or else things don’t turn out to be quite as we expected. The problem is that we often believe that we know more than we really do. About all kinds of things ranging from politics to single mothers, and from rough sleeping through to the pros and cons of Brexit. You name it, and we will form our own opinion about it. And we have to be careful not to turn into self-appointed experts because our perception and understanding of the world around us is often very limited. After all, most of us only view it all from one particular angle. Let me give you an example. Neil Armstrong is a super hero amongst humans, because he was the very first man to walk

Coco Calling No. 93 - The Will to Survive and the Grace to Receive

Many of us like to have places where we feel warm and safe. Somewhere we can retreat to in the knowledge that we are sheltered from the elements and tucked away from danger. Humans have their houses, their “man caves” and that other place that they like to call “the loo.” Other creatures have holes or borrows or nooks and crannies. And I have my favourite spot on the clothes airer, hidden amongst the rows of human plumage, all hanging up to dry. (No passing hawk would ever find me there!) The will to survive is very much etched into our D.N.A. Irrespective of who we are, and whatever may have happened to us in the past. We all need our place of retreat. Even when we own nothing and have nowh

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