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Coco Calling: No. 51 - The Paradox of Eastertime

The random thoughts of a Christian parrot

I’ve been sitting here on my perch this morning practising “Advanced Cerebral Parrot Yoga.” Because the more I sit and think about God, our world, and my overall place in it, the more I seem to tie my brain up in knots. The more I discover about Christianity, the more my parrot logic gets turned on its head.

Just think about the Christian life. Jesus tells us that we need to give if we are to receive. We have to accept that we are blind in order to see. To find true wisdom, we have to reduce ourselves to the level of little children. Quite often, we have to suffer in order to gain. And then, for our grand finale, we all need to die in order to truly live.

The Bible tells us that the first will be last and that the last will be first. Jesus, the Son of God, reduces Himself to the level of basic humanity, and instead of saving Himself from the ordeal of the cross, chooses to suffer in order to save a world of lesser beings. And here’s the real crux. Yes, Jesus would rather die in agony on the cross than exist in Heaven without us. Because His love for each one of us, warts and all, is so immeasurably great……..

I may be a simple parrot, but I find this all mind-boggling. Overwhelming. Disconcerting. Even stupefying. And at this Eastertime, it shows me that the power of God’s love for us all is more powerful than anything else we will ever know or experience. And that’s why John wrote these words for all successive generations on Earth:

“Dear children, our love should not simply be expressed in words and talk; it must be true love which shows itself in action.”

(1 John 3: 18)

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