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Calling No.247 - My Family and Me

I live with two elderly Labradors and a group of humans. You could say that we’re quite a disparate bunch; I’m the only one with feathers; the dogs are totally hairy; and the humans have to wear clothes because they don’t have either. But despite these differences, we all get on, and I like to think that we serve as an example of how the world should be. Yes, we have our differences. The Labradors are always hungry; I’m forever getting up to mischief; and the humans are always busy with their busyness. But the thing that binds us all together is quite simply love. A lot of licking, mutual preening, tickles and hugs take place within our family and that’s what makes it special. And we’ve all come to realise that despite our differences, it’s love that counts and love that unites us. And when you discover that love at your core, then you have the wonderful opportunity to begin to radiate it out to the world around you.

There was once a very colourful and lively human being called Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and he felt that it was our obligation to give out to others what we’ve been fortunate enough to receive ourselves….

“The Dead Sea in the Middle East receives freshwater, but it has no outlet, so it doesn’t pass the water out. It receives beautiful water from the rivers, and the water goes dank. I mean, it just goes bad. And that’s why it is called ‘The Dead Sea.’ It receives and does not give. In the end, generosity is the best way of becoming more, more, and more joyful.”

(Archbishop Desmond Tutu: [1931-2021]: South African Anglian Bishop and theologian, best known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist)

Sadly, throughout the generations, humans have found all kinds of reasons not to love one another. Tribalism, clans, north-south divides, colour, culture, accents, ethnicity and self-interest have all got in the way, when it could have been so very different….

“Be nice to whites; they need you to help them rediscover their humanity.” (Archbishop Desmond Tutu: As above)

Maybe it takes dogs and parrots and other creatures to help humans see that God’s selfless love is inside us all. We all have the potential to let that love flow through us and on to others around us. The question is, do we let it flow or do we turn off the tap? Because in the eyes of God, the whole world around us is our family….

“Once you begin to understand how much God loves you, love will flow out of you toward others like rivers of living water.”

(Andrew Wommack: [1949-present]: American T.V. evangelist)

“God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him.”

(1 John: 4:16)


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